Whether you are buying a house to be your home or as an investment property, you have a right to know everything about the condition of the structure you are considering. You don’t want any surprises after you move in. Our inspectors will do a thorough inspection – typically our inspections last 3 to 4 hours.

We go through the house from top to bottom. We will check the foundation and structure, the exterior siding and the roof. In most cases we will walk the roof unless weather prevents us. We thoroughly review all of the systems in the home, including the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.

Our inspectors are familiar with the watch-list items, from polybutylene plumbing lines to Federal Pacific electrical panels, and can discuss the details and concerns of these issues with you during the inspection. We encourage you to join us on the inspection and ask any questions about the home that you wish, whether it is regarding watch-list type items, or something you saw when you were looking at the home before you made the offer. (If you’re an investor who cannot attend with us, we offer additional documentation if needed. Let us know when you call our office.)

We inspect all the appliances that will stay with the home, and we check the windows, doors, electrical outlets and bathroom plumbing fixtures. We test garage door openers and safety-reverse switch operation. We inspect basements, crawlspaces and attics. Every accessible portion of the house is inspected and reported on.

Our reports are completed on hand-held computers while we are on-site, and they are printed out for you before we leave. We provide summaries as well as the full report, so you and your realtor will have a condensed listing of items you may want the current owner to address.

After the inspection, we are available to you by phone or e-mail should you have follow-up questions. We strive to provide you with the most thorough and customer-friendly inspection experience available.

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